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Veterinary information, product reviews, and fun stuff for pet owners!

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Dr. Angela Hofmann

Hello! I’m a small animal veterinarian in San Diego, California. I love learning all I can about my patients and for my patients. Helping my clients make the most of their relationship with their pets is my favorite part of the job!

I also enjoy sharing fun photos and interesting cases, cool products that I love for my own pets, and new or often-asked information that can benefit all of us who are owned by our furry friends.

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When To Spay Your Dog

Oh wow. There’s a lot of info out there on this one. And even more opinions...Do you spay at 6 months?A year?8 weeks?2 years?Never??So many choices. And such...

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Grain-Free Diets. Just, No.

One of the important questions we ask clients during their appointment is “What diet are you feeding?” I could make a serious dent in some student...

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