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The Latest from Dr. Hofmann

Grain-Free Diets. Just, No.

One of the important questions we ask clients during their appointment is “What diet are you feeding?” I could make a serious dent in some student loans if I had a dime for every time I got the answer, “Uhhh . . . I’m not sure. But it’s really good. It’s...

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

If you asked me 15 years ago whether your San Diego dog needed to be on monthly heartworm prevention, I would’ve responded with a resounding, “Meh . . .” You see, back then we didn’t really have much of a heartworm problem down here. Now, if clients were traveling to...

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It’s Been a Month Already??

Well, I don’t know a lot about owning a practice. Yet. But I do know this: it’s WORK, y’all. The sheer amount of paperwork involved is absolutely mind-numbing. And have you heard of decision fatigue? Because it. Is. A. Thing. My desire to own and run my...

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Shell Shock

I’ve never been much of a reptile person. They’re neat animals and all, just not my first choice for a pet. But you guys have seen what goes on here at Casa de Chaos. What are the odds I’m going to say no to a homeless pet just because it doesn’t have a...

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What Do You Need in a Veterinarian?

If you’re a pet owner, I hope you have a veterinarian you really, truly love. And trust. And can ask questions of. Bonus points if it’s someone your pet loves, too!But all too often, I hear from pet owners who don’t really feel that way about their vet....

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Aural Hematomato

OK, OK. So it’s really aural HEMATOMA. But what can I tell ya? I love the wordplay. What is an aural hematoma, anyway? Well, it’s a bunch of blood inside the ear flap. Because your pet’s outer ear is basically a collection of blood vessels and a little...

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Repeat After Me: No Craigslist Puppies

I try avoid absolute statements. You know “always,” and “never” and all that. But I will say the following about purchasing an animal from a Craigslist ad: Don’t. Please don’t. Every week, I see owners who have bought pets (mostly puppies) from Craigslist....

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It’s Just Business

Vets are notorious under-chargers. According to one source, veterinarians give away the equivalent of $60,000 in services every year. EVERY. YEAR. Apparently, medical math and financial math are two very disparate mathematical species, and we are much better at...

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