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What Do You Need in a Veterinarian?

If you’re a pet owner, I hope you have a veterinarian you really, truly love. And trust. And can ask questions of. Bonus points if it’s someone your pet loves, too!But all too often, I hear from pet owners who don’t really feel that way about their vet....

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Aural Hematomato

OK, OK. So it’s really aural HEMATOMA. But what can I tell ya? I love the wordplay. What is an aural hematoma, anyway? Well, it’s a bunch of blood inside the ear flap. Because your pet’s outer ear is basically a collection of blood vessels and a little...

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Repeat After Me: No Craigslist Puppies

I try avoid absolute statements. You know “always,” and “never” and all that. But I will say the following about purchasing an animal from a Craigslist ad: Don’t. Please don’t. Every week, I see owners who have bought pets (mostly puppies) from Craigslist....

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It’s Just Business

Vets are notorious under-chargers. According to one source, veterinarians give away the equivalent of $60,000 in services every year. EVERY. YEAR. Apparently, medical math and financial math are two very disparate mathematical species, and we are much better at...

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Confessions of a Definite Non-Hoarder

Hi. My name is Angi and I have five dogs. When you work in veterinary medicine, you never need more pets. But they just sort of . . . keep showing up. Often. The last time I actually went looking for a dog was in 2006. I had a flip phone and I was taller...

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Anesthesia Safety

“I just really don’t want to put Fluffy under anesthesia . . .”If I had 10 cents for every time I heard that phrase, I could probably get out from under my mountain of student loan debt. Wait. Scratch that. Make that 10,000,000 cents. Vet school is crazy...

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Maybe you’ve heard of the dreaded phenomenon of “bloat” in dogs. But what is it? Which dogs are at risk? What are the signs? And, most importantly, how can this nastiness be avoided?WHAT IS BLOAT?“Bloat” is a common term for gastric dilatation and...

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